Friday, October 24

Wyatt Lewis turns 1!!!

Happy 1st Birthday Wyatt!! I can't believe that it's been a year since that unforgettable day. It has been a huge roller coaster ride ever since, but I am so grateful that he's here and, amazingly enough, healthy as a little horse. I am eternally grateful for the spirit guiding me to the hospital that day and the support we have gotten throughout this past year. We couldn't have done it alone.

A few hours after birth. He was kept cold at 88* for 3 days after birth. Hypothermia therapy saved his brain!!

Finally warmed! MMMMMMM toasty!

Enjoying the Superbowl.

11 months old!

My own personal cake....yum!!!

We love you Bug! You are our little miracle and are so blessed to have you with us! Happy Birthday Wyatt!


Emichan said...

I love the pic of Wyatt in the Spiderman chair, and his curls are too cute! =) Happy birthday to both your boys, they're growing so fast! =)

Globe Trotters said...

hi curls are precious- your boys are sweet!