Friday, October 24

Charlie's wisdom teeth

Today Charlie got his wisdom teeth out. We were both very nervous for it just because we knew one tooth was pretty bad and also the fact that he's 33 years old and still has his wisdom teeth. We had to put both kids is daycare so I could stay at the office and then take care of him until he got coherent enough. We arrived at the oral surgeon's at 10:20am and they were waiting for him. What was really nice was the fact that the nurses there were gals I graduated with from the nursing program 5 years ago. So I felt better instantly. Charlie, not so much. He started to relax after the laughing gas. He was hilarious on that stuff. He was a chatty Kathy. Then they put him under and they scooted me out. About an hour later Dr. Klein came out and was thanking us for getting the CT of his teeth. Apparently, his bottom right tooth had 3 roots and were all wrapping around the nerve. The CT was able to show where the nerve was, so the oral surgeon was able to extract the tooth without any complications! Hooray. Charlie is doing amazingly well. Hardly any pain or swelling yet. His mouth is still a little numb and he's on a lot of medicine. Hopefully he continues to heal this good!!
The Champ!!

I know this might be disgusting to some, but I had to show his tooth. This one was the only one that came out intact and I can't believe the root. No wonder wisdom teeth hurt!!!