Monday, October 13

Happy 4th Birthday Aaron

Today Aaron Jacob turned 4 years old. I can't believe it. He is starting to look more and more like a little man these days. This morning when he woke up he asked with a huge smile on his face, "Today's my birthday, Momma?" (If he calls me Momma forever I will love it.) He wanted waffles for breakfast this morning so I made waffles. He got to watch any movie he wanted and we didn't get dressed til noon. It was great. When Charlie came home from work he brought an ice cream cake from DQ (yum!!). We sang "Happy Birthday," he opened one present (clothes, boring) and then we went to Eatza Pizza his favorite restaurant. It's like a small version of Chucky Cheeses. This kid always scores on the jackpots. He got 880 tickets. He turned them in for a ninja sword, a pen that lights up and one of those sticky hands that you fling at the table and it picks up a piece of paper. Cheap thrills....priceless. He had a great time. He was hard to calm down and wrestle to bed, but somehow Charlie was able to put him to sleep. He is really excited for his party on Saturday. With a monster truck theme who couldn't wait for that! Happy Birthday Aaron!!!

Eating at Eatz Pizza.


Globe Trotters said...

Katie- your little family is so cute! I have been following your blog via Barbara's. Hope all is well :)