Saturday, May 24

Aaron's Surgery

Aaron had his surgery yesterday and did amazing. We had to be at the hospital at 7:00am and they wheeled him back by 8:00. I was a nervous wreck, but managed to stay cool. He was done by 8:30 and the doctor told us that his tonsils were HUGE. Not only were they blocking his throat but they were embedded far into his tissues too. Poor thing. No wonder he couldn't breathe. I got to go into the recovery room to be with him (it's nice when you work at the hospital, people pull strings for you). He woke up pretty sad, but he recovered really well. He was even able to eat (more like inhaled it) a PB & J sandwich (ouch, that makes me hurt just thinking it.) The hospital has pet therapy so he even got a visit from a dog. He really enjoyed that. We were able to go home by 3:00pm. He hasn't slept really well (can"t imagine why) but, we'll get through it. Thanks for all the prayers!! He is a strong boy!

Off he goes.
Right after surgery.
A little help from 'Transformers' toys Barricade and Optimus Prime.
Pet therapy.

Finally going home.

Safety Expo

Every year the Hanford Site puts on a Expo all about safety. The Hanford site is huge on safety. So all the different companies out here get a booth and hand out free stuff. Hanford fire goes one step further and puts on the really intense show about how important it is to put on your set belt. There's this fake car crash and the ambulance and fire engines come and the kids love it. Afterwards they can go down and check out all the firemen gear and trucks. Needless to say Aaron has the time of his life.

Fireman Aaron.
Aaron With Sparky the Fire dog
These two boys are Aaron"s good friends Kason and Jacob .
And once again he fell asleep on the way home.

Monday, May 19

Mad skills

I have no idea where Aaron learned how to do this, because I know that I can't do it. He just picked up a spoon this morning and placed it on his nose like it was nothing. He is such an amazing kid and surprises me everyday! His surgery is this Friday. Time has just flown by and I can't wait til it's over and he's recovered! I think I will finally be able to relax then.