Saturday, May 24

Aaron's Surgery

Aaron had his surgery yesterday and did amazing. We had to be at the hospital at 7:00am and they wheeled him back by 8:00. I was a nervous wreck, but managed to stay cool. He was done by 8:30 and the doctor told us that his tonsils were HUGE. Not only were they blocking his throat but they were embedded far into his tissues too. Poor thing. No wonder he couldn't breathe. I got to go into the recovery room to be with him (it's nice when you work at the hospital, people pull strings for you). He woke up pretty sad, but he recovered really well. He was even able to eat (more like inhaled it) a PB & J sandwich (ouch, that makes me hurt just thinking it.) The hospital has pet therapy so he even got a visit from a dog. He really enjoyed that. We were able to go home by 3:00pm. He hasn't slept really well (can"t imagine why) but, we'll get through it. Thanks for all the prayers!! He is a strong boy!

Off he goes.
Right after surgery.
A little help from 'Transformers' toys Barricade and Optimus Prime.
Pet therapy.

Finally going home.


Shay said...

hey girl i'm in the computer now!!! and on the phone with you!

Cynimue said...

Poor little fella.
What animal is that with the pet therapy? I can't see the details...