Thursday, October 30

A Day at The Pumpkin Patch

Charlie and I took the kids to a really cool pumpkin patch yesterday and had a lot of fun. For only $6/person we got to take a hayride to the pumpkin patch and pick out one pumpkin per person, go through the hay bale maze, climb the straw bale pyramid and go to the petting zoo. For how much fun Aaron had it was worth every penny. He kept saying, "I love hay rides" over and over. This was our first trip to a pumpkin patch ever. I think we found a hit and will have to do it every year. We will carve the pumpkins tonight on Halloween eve!!

ps: I huge Thank you to Kelly for introducing me to!! The previous slide show program I used was terrible to work with and was soooo slow! Hence why I NEVER used it. It was so easy and quick this time! THANK YOU KELLY!!

Friday, October 24

Wyatt Lewis turns 1!!!

Happy 1st Birthday Wyatt!! I can't believe that it's been a year since that unforgettable day. It has been a huge roller coaster ride ever since, but I am so grateful that he's here and, amazingly enough, healthy as a little horse. I am eternally grateful for the spirit guiding me to the hospital that day and the support we have gotten throughout this past year. We couldn't have done it alone.

A few hours after birth. He was kept cold at 88* for 3 days after birth. Hypothermia therapy saved his brain!!

Finally warmed! MMMMMMM toasty!

Enjoying the Superbowl.

11 months old!

My own personal cake....yum!!!

We love you Bug! You are our little miracle and are so blessed to have you with us! Happy Birthday Wyatt!

Charlie's wisdom teeth

Today Charlie got his wisdom teeth out. We were both very nervous for it just because we knew one tooth was pretty bad and also the fact that he's 33 years old and still has his wisdom teeth. We had to put both kids is daycare so I could stay at the office and then take care of him until he got coherent enough. We arrived at the oral surgeon's at 10:20am and they were waiting for him. What was really nice was the fact that the nurses there were gals I graduated with from the nursing program 5 years ago. So I felt better instantly. Charlie, not so much. He started to relax after the laughing gas. He was hilarious on that stuff. He was a chatty Kathy. Then they put him under and they scooted me out. About an hour later Dr. Klein came out and was thanking us for getting the CT of his teeth. Apparently, his bottom right tooth had 3 roots and were all wrapping around the nerve. The CT was able to show where the nerve was, so the oral surgeon was able to extract the tooth without any complications! Hooray. Charlie is doing amazingly well. Hardly any pain or swelling yet. His mouth is still a little numb and he's on a lot of medicine. Hopefully he continues to heal this good!!
The Champ!!

I know this might be disgusting to some, but I had to show his tooth. This one was the only one that came out intact and I can't believe the root. No wonder wisdom teeth hurt!!!

Monster Truck Party

Saturday the 18th we had the boys' birthday party. I let Aaron choose the theme this year and who would have guessed..... MONSTER TRUCKS!!! Aaron has been waiting for this party since August. Friday night Charlie put together Aaron's big gift from us, his own personal monster truck. Well, a power wheel actually, but he calls it his monster truck. I thought that I was being so creative by hiding it in our laundry room, putting blankets and clothes all over it so it would look like a big pile of laundry. Saturday morning he walking right in the laundry room, threw off the clothes and blankets and shouted, "Momma, I want to drive my car." "What car Aaron?" I asked like I knew nothing. "My big. black monster truck." It's pretty sad when your 4 year old out smarts you! The party was fun. We had a bounce house, tattoo booth called 'Hill Ink" (thanks Mark for the sign!) and a slide show of the last year. All in all it turned out to be a good party.

Since I made the cake for Aaron's 1st birthday I thought I would attempt for Wyatt's too. It's definitely a homemade cake!

Wyatt seemed to love it though!!

Aaron and his monster truck. He was so good about sharing and letting other kids ride in it or drive it. I was really impressed by him that day!!

All the kids wanted to help open gifts. It was so crazy. I still don't know who got what from who. But the kids enjoyed it and that's all that matters!!

I just love this picture because of Wyatt's curls!! He's so darn cute!!

Aaron got so many truck toys. He really didn't care about anything else. He would just smile at the other gifts and then continue trying to open the truck boxes. Crazy kid!

Monday, October 13

Happy 4th Birthday Aaron

Today Aaron Jacob turned 4 years old. I can't believe it. He is starting to look more and more like a little man these days. This morning when he woke up he asked with a huge smile on his face, "Today's my birthday, Momma?" (If he calls me Momma forever I will love it.) He wanted waffles for breakfast this morning so I made waffles. He got to watch any movie he wanted and we didn't get dressed til noon. It was great. When Charlie came home from work he brought an ice cream cake from DQ (yum!!). We sang "Happy Birthday," he opened one present (clothes, boring) and then we went to Eatza Pizza his favorite restaurant. It's like a small version of Chucky Cheeses. This kid always scores on the jackpots. He got 880 tickets. He turned them in for a ninja sword, a pen that lights up and one of those sticky hands that you fling at the table and it picks up a piece of paper. Cheap thrills....priceless. He had a great time. He was hard to calm down and wrestle to bed, but somehow Charlie was able to put him to sleep. He is really excited for his party on Saturday. With a monster truck theme who couldn't wait for that! Happy Birthday Aaron!!!

Eating at Eatz Pizza.