Friday, October 24

Monster Truck Party

Saturday the 18th we had the boys' birthday party. I let Aaron choose the theme this year and who would have guessed..... MONSTER TRUCKS!!! Aaron has been waiting for this party since August. Friday night Charlie put together Aaron's big gift from us, his own personal monster truck. Well, a power wheel actually, but he calls it his monster truck. I thought that I was being so creative by hiding it in our laundry room, putting blankets and clothes all over it so it would look like a big pile of laundry. Saturday morning he walking right in the laundry room, threw off the clothes and blankets and shouted, "Momma, I want to drive my car." "What car Aaron?" I asked like I knew nothing. "My big. black monster truck." It's pretty sad when your 4 year old out smarts you! The party was fun. We had a bounce house, tattoo booth called 'Hill Ink" (thanks Mark for the sign!) and a slide show of the last year. All in all it turned out to be a good party.

Since I made the cake for Aaron's 1st birthday I thought I would attempt for Wyatt's too. It's definitely a homemade cake!

Wyatt seemed to love it though!!

Aaron and his monster truck. He was so good about sharing and letting other kids ride in it or drive it. I was really impressed by him that day!!

All the kids wanted to help open gifts. It was so crazy. I still don't know who got what from who. But the kids enjoyed it and that's all that matters!!

I just love this picture because of Wyatt's curls!! He's so darn cute!!

Aaron got so many truck toys. He really didn't care about anything else. He would just smile at the other gifts and then continue trying to open the truck boxes. Crazy kid!