Wednesday, September 3

Tot talk

A lot has happened in the month since I blogged last. It seems harder to find the time to update these days. The most important news was that we took Wyatt to the Children's Developmental Center mainly because he wasn't babbling. He had some speech sounds just not expressive speech yet. They also tested him developmentally. They used the 'Denver' and the 'Baily' test. And, of course the passed with flying colors. The only thing he was lacking in was speech. So now, starting this month we'll have a speech therapist come to our house to help me teach Wyatt and watch his growth. They mainly said that since he was struggling to breath with the tracheomalacia that speech went to the back burner. Which I can understand. Since that appointment he has now started to say "mmmmmmmmm." We are working on mama, but he just looks at me and smiles. I am just so happy that I can already see improvement, as small as it may be, it is still something.