Tuesday, November 24

Aaron and Wyatt Update

A lot has been going on here that I really haven't been talking about... mainly because I haven't had much time. I have interesting updates on both boys. Let's start with the oldest.

Aaron. Many of you know how "spirited" Aaron has always been since birth and all my work with this issue. I was pretty much at my wits' end when the whole iron deficiency came up. That was fabulous for a while. Then his iron levels became normal and he was back to his usual self. I ended up switching pediatricians back in February. Within two visits she looked at me and asked, "So, what were Dr. Pattiillo's plans with all this energy?" I said we talked about going to child psychology to get tested for ADHD but that went out the window after the iron thing came up. She looked at me again and smiled and said, "yeah, it's time. Let's get it done." We took him and the tests were in September sometime. (our insurance works really slow) The results appointment was the Monday after Wyatt's surgery. What I thought was going to happen was the doc coming right out and saying, "Yup, ADHD alright and here's what ya need." I was wrong. When he said Aaron is dealing with child anxiety everything finally clicked. I really didn't know that children can suffer from anxiety, but I can look back at all the symptoms he was and is having and they just scream anxiety. He also said that anxiety and ADHD can go hand in hand sometimes. He doesn't want to label him ADHD until we get the anxiety under control. Now we are going to a Child Behavior Health Specialist weekly to help him understand his anxiety and how to work through it. You would not believe how many doctors and people have said to me now, "It's so good you stuck to your guns knowing that he had a problem and didn't give up. Now he can learn to deal with it before he starts school." I completely agree.

Also, Aaron has a heart murmur that was heard for the first time when he was 1 or 2 years old. Murmurs are fairly common in kids, but since it's a grade 2 (out of 5) the doc wants to just make sure everything is okay. Aaron has an appointment with cardiology to have an echo done. That happens in the first week of December.

Now, onto Wyatt. So, the iron saga continues. Anytime we try to wean Wyatt off the iron his levels just plummit. Kids usually respond with 3 months of iron treatment and then they can just take a multivitamin with iron and move on. Not so much with Wyatt. He has been battling this since birth. Now it is time to go to Hematology. Hematology deals with blood dycrasias. On December 29th we get to travel to Spokane to meet with the Hematologist to find out why he is iron anemic.

And last, (finally, right?) Wyatt has an appointment to get his hearing checked in the beginning of December. I know Wyatt can hear. He is saying or trying to say new words everyday. It's just another thing we have to rule out. December is going to be a very busy month for us, but I will let everyone know as we find things out.

I hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving wherever you are!!


Shay said...

wow katie. you have got A TON on your plate! how are you holding up? i hope well! leslie chester and i talked about you for a minute! she's happy you are doing well. she's in vegas. i just stopped by to say hi on my way through. anyways! love ya!