Thursday, August 6

Iron Man

Just a quick note that I had to share. Aaron is finally off the iron, well, at least for now. Weening off medicine is a celebration at our house since, for most kids, it is so hard to give to them and my boys are on a lot. Wyatt on the other hand just opens right up. It's second nature to him. I love that I don't have to fight him, but it's kinda sad if you really think about it. And speaking of Wyatt, his iron is still low. Very low actually. So, he's still on iron drops and multivitamin with iron. Someday though, he will be as strong as brother!!! Anyway, back to the point... one less med!!!! waahoo!!


Shay said...

love to see that you're finally updatign the ol' blog! I hope yoru boy continues to be healthy and strong!!!

love ya