Thursday, August 6

Cool Desert Nights!

In the Tri-cities you know it's summer when it's time for Cool Desert Nights. For 25 years (I think) people enter their classic cars, (or any car they feel like, but really it's supposed to be a classic dang it...) drive around town and even have drag races. It's pretty fun. Aaron really enjoyed it and Wyatt's starting to catch on. I think Aaron's favorite was the new Camero painted just like Bumble bee. In fact, he thought it was Bumble bee. "Mommy, I want to see Sam and Mikaela." It was really cute. Here's some pictures of our faves.

And apparently all laws go out the window too. I can't believe they let them ride around for hours on his lap. (even though I have very fond memories of driving on my dad's lap, but that's not the point :) ) If you're going to make it a law enforce it, even in special occasions. Right???!??