Tuesday, September 29


I found this new app at the app store and I hadto try it. If it works it'll be fun and extremely easy to post new things.

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Wednesday, September 16


Why is it when you don't want the kids to hear the ice cream truck they do and when you don't care they don't hear it or it's already passed by?!? Yesterday, we were sitting at the park and in the distance over the noise of sprinklers, lawn mowers and kids playing I hear it...the all to familiar music to the song 'Do your ears hang low?' In my head I'm thinking, "oh crap, I know he's going to hear it and I have no money with me." And before I can even finish the though Aaron screams out "ICE CREAM MAN!!!" All I could do was smile. I remembered growing up and listening to Eddie Murphy's 'Raw' or 'Delirious" - which ever one had the ice cream man bit.(highly inappropriate, but the ice cream part is pretty funny.) So I explained to Aaron that since we road our bikes I have no money and if we catch him later at our house we'll get ice cream. Well, he got a huge grin on his face and continued playing. At about 6:45 I hear that song again and I made the mistake of telling Aaron. We grabbed our money and went outside and the truck was already way down the street. Aaron lost it. I would too I guess- two misses with the beloved ice cream man. Come on, who wouldn't right?!? So I packed Aaron up and went to DQ and got the family blizzards, because by then I really wanted some too!!