Thursday, March 12

Disney Live on Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day we took the boys to Disney Playhouse Live. Aaron has recently gotten into Disney shows, his favorite being 'Phineas and Ferb,' and he had the best time. I don't think he sat down the entire show. Wyatt made it through the first hour and was DONE by the second. Afterwards we took them to McDonald's to have lunch. It was fun and I loved including them on Valentine's Day.

Charlie did surprise me with a dozen orange roses(my favorite!!) and a box of chocolates. I know, you're thinking how original. How ever does he get these brilliant ideas?? Well, regardless of how cliche it was, it was still appreciated since we rarely have time for each other these days!

Hotdog Dance

Aaron showing off his Little Einstein's baton

Handy Manny

Tigger and Pooh

After the show.

-PS: I got both the boys' hair cut a few days later. This picture opened my eyes to how long their hair REALLY was!! Yikes!