Saturday, January 31


Christmas was nice this year. It was pretty quiet and calm. Charlie and I stayed up late setting up presents on Christmas Eve so imagine how tired we were when Aaron woke up at 7am!! We convinced him to wait until Wyatt woke up to go downstairs. When he did Aaron ran into his room to tell him that's it's Christmas and noticed that Santa left him a plush 'Perry the Platypus' from Phineas and Ferb, his new favorite show. All morning he was saying, "I love this Perry. It's my favorite." And since then apparently everything is his 'favorite.' We went downstairs to open presents. Aaron just started ripping open everything in sight. Wyatt just stood back and watched. It was really fun. We went to dinner at Charlie's parents house at around 1pm. We stayed until about 7:30. By then Aaron was exhausted. We went home and all fell asleep by 8:00.

Aaron opening presents from Santa.

Wyatt and his cousin Bud.

Aaron and his cousin Michael.