Thursday, July 17

Cool Desert Nights

I have been a blogger slacker these days and I really don't have any excuse why. I guess life happens. Anyway, the last weekend in June every year here in the Tri-Cities is 'Cool Desert Night's.' People enter their classic cars and drive in a parade down a main street here and the whole city comes to watch it. It's a big three day event. Since Aaron LOVES cars and everything about them we knew we had to go this year. We picked a spot at the corner of the intersection and it was the best spot to see all the cars. Aaron loved every second of it! He even started likening the cars to the characters of the movie "Car's." He said, 'look mom, here comes Doc, Sheriff, and Lizzie.' It was really cute. He really enjoyed one car that blew fire out the tailpipe. The best part was that it was free. Got to love that part. I can't wait until Wyatt gets old enough to enjoy it too.