Sunday, June 22

20 Years.....

Yeah, my first tag. Thanks Barb. Here we go...

20 Years.
20 Years ago...
1. I was 8 years old.
2. I moved from El Paso, Tx to Leeds, Ut.
3. I was annoying my older brothers (mainly Scott) about how 'milk does the body good.'
10 Years ago...
1. I graduated from High School.
2.I was working at Fiesta Family Fun Center in St. George Ut.
3. Moved to Cedar City, Ut to go to Southern Utah University in the Fall.
5 Years ago...
1. Married the love of my life, Charlie, here in Richland, Wa.
2. Finished my LPN year of nursing school, passed the boards, and started my career as a nurse.
3. I was thinking about getting pregnant.
3 Years ago..
1. My first son, Aaron, was 8 months old.
2. I was working as a RN at Kadlec.
3. I was getting ready for my family reunion in Park City, Ut.
1 Year ago...
1. We just found out we were having another boy.
2. I moved to Intermediate Care at Kadlec.
3. I was looking forward to not being pregnant anymore.
So far this year...
1. I had my last baby ever.
2. I have taken me or my kids to some kind of doctor more than I would like to count.
3. We bought a boat and love it.
Yesterday I...
1. Took the family out to eat for lunch with some friends.
2. Attempted to take a nap, but failed.
3. Watched the rain storm with Aaron.
Today I...
1. Had a lazy morning.
2. Watched 'Fool's Gold.'
3. Ate the leftovers from lunch yesterday
Tomorrow I...
1. Will clean my house from top to bottom.
2. Will dog sit Tucker and Melissa's 3 dogs.
3. Will go to the park with Aaron and Wyatt.
In the next year I...
1. Will loose all the baby fat from both boys!!!!!
2. Will be dept free except our house.
3. Will buy land and start building our dream home.
I tag Colleen.

Thursday, June 12

Meet Priscilla

This week we did something completely out of our ordinary. We bought a boat. Charlie has always wanted one, but we could never afford one until now. We picked it up today and spent 4 hours on the river. It was amazing. The boys were really good, even better than I thought. Since I haven't got to name anything I decided to name the boat Priscilla. Charlie didn't like it at first but, it grew on him so I got my way. I am looking forward to a long, hot summer and I hate the heat!!

Monday, June 9

Big Bro

I just thought this picture was sweet and had to share it. A few days ago I changed the batteries in many of the boys' toys and this one just grabbed their attention. Aaron plopped right down by Wyatt and started playing too. When I caught on to what was happening Aaron already put his arm around Wyatt's shoulder. It was really sweet. It's moments like this that remind me how much I love being a mom.

BFF from birth

My best friend Andrea and I had our babies 8 days apart. Wyatt was born Oct. 24, 2007 and Elijah was born Oct. 16, 2007. Being pregnant at the same time made the whole pregnancy thing so much easier. And it's even more fun to watch them grow up together. Andrea and her family came over on Memorial Day for a few minutes and the boys played together.....more like cried together. It was really funny. ( Wyatt is on the right, if you couldn't tell.)

There's no crying in baseball!!"

"We didn't do it, Mom!!"