Saturday, April 19

The Last Straw!!!

This morning Charlie called me at work and said that a car hit our truck and 'totaled it'. Our truck is a '73 Ford F150. It's a pretty sturdy truck. A VW Jetta smacked into it and messed up the back end. The speed limit on our road is 25mph. 25mph. This car had to be going more than 25mph to do this kind of damage. This is our first house and we love it, but so much housing has gone up around us and now our road is the 2nd busiest in our town. We has dreamed of getting a house with some acreage so the boys can play in the yard and not have to worry about crazy Jetta drivers (no offence) that pop out of nowhere. I have just not wanted to go through the hassle of moving. THIS IS THE LAST STRAW. We are going to move.