Sunday, March 30

Happy (belated) Anniversary and Birthday Charlie

So I have been really sick recently, as you can see with all the blogs dated today. However, I couldn't let my anniversary and Charlie's birthday slip by without a little something posted. We celebrated our 5 year anniversary on March 15. It wasn't the typical anniversay. We were planning to go to Spokane for Cassidy's birthday (Charlie's neice) on Saturday for the party and then Charlie's sister was going to watch the boys for the evening so we could go celebrate. Well, at 3:30am Aaron climbed into bed with us and said 'My tummy hurts," and proceded to throw up. Oh yes in the bed and all in the bathroom. So, with Aaron having the stomach flu we cancelled the Spokane trip. We ordered Outback. Charlie went and picked it up and surprised me with the iPod Touch. LOVE IT!!! We put the boys to bed and had a carpet picnic beside our fireplace. So, all in all it turned out pretty good. And for Charlie's birthday. Charlie turned 33 on March 24. He's a old man...haha. Just kidding. We ended up celebrating his birthday 2 days late. We had Chinese take out from his favorite place and a DQ ice cream cake. YUM!!! He hasn't decided on a present yet, but I'll keep you posted!