Wednesday, February 6

Wyatt Lewis Irving

As I said before, Wyatt is our miracle boy. He was born at 1:03pm October 24, 2007. Here's the story. I went into the hospital that day at about 12:20pm, because I wasn't feeling him move. I just though that I was being that nerotic pregnant mom. I didn't even tell my husband that I was going in. When I got hooked up to the monitors he had a heart rate in the 120's. Within 5-7 minutes of being watched his heart stopped. They rushed me to the OR and took him by C-section. I was still in the shirt I came in with and had no IV. They popped an IV in and just dropped me with anesthesia. It took the doctors 2minutes to get him out from the time I hit the OR room doors. It was amazing. Since he had no heart rate at birth he was considered stillborn. They were able to recessitate him. We found out later that he had bled back into me through the umbillical cord over 50% of his blood supply. The NICU doctor had just been to a conference about inducing hypothemia on trauma babies. He actually chilled Wyatt and shipped him to Children's in Seattle. He saved his life. Now, Wyatt is a normal 3 month old baby boy. He smiles and coos. It's the cutest sound in the world.


Kelly said...

What an incredible story. So glad he's healthy and that you're o.k. too. Gotta love modern medicine.