Saturday, April 23

Kadlec's Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Every year the hospital I work for has an Easter Egg hunt. We have gone every year since Aaron was born. It's a lot of fun and super easy for the kids. Eggs are just thrown out in a big field and the kids just go for it. It seemed like there was a lot more kids this year though!

The whole group. Left to right: Will, Aaron, Stella and Wyatt. BFF's since birth!!
Anxiously waiting to start!

The field.

The mass amount of kids. Can you find Aaron? He's there somewhere!

Wyatt hunting

All the boys!

And the Easter Bunny!! It was a fun morning and a good kick off the the holiday weekend! Can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring!!


Dad said...

It looks as though the boys are having a great time. The boys have really grown and changed since we saw them last. We are looking forward to seeing them this summer.


Eva Wilson said...

Cool boys! I really enjoy your blog.

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